Mt Hood, May 18, 2007

May 18th Climb cancelled due to weather (Keith Hill and I did a practice trip up above the Palmer, instead of the team summit bid, to practice some belay-swapping techniques on steep snow slopes. The poor conditions - low visibility, high winds and snow- confirmed our decision to bail on the team summit attempt.)
The original plan was : Keith Hill, provisional leader and Steve Dougherty with a Mt Hood South Side climb (via South Climbers Route/Hogs Back) Approximate vertical gain from trailhead to summit = 5235’ Climbers: Matt Betts, Lynn Kropf, Rebecca Tryon, Matthew Tryon, Ben Sigloh.

From Keith's prospectus: "The most popular route for climbing Mt Hood is the Palmer Glacier/South Side through the Pearly Gates via a snow ridge known as the Hogs Back. Over the past couple of years, the Hogs Back, with an incline of 40 to 45 degrees, has shifted to the west away from the Pearly Gates. This has resulted in a much steeper, icier incline with varying reports of up to 60 degrees. For this reason, I have selected a smaller group of climbers, to enable our group to move through this route more efficiently and increase our chances of a successful climb."

Group gear: (Keith will provide these to be distributed among the group) Snow shovel (1); Sleeping bag (1); Bivy sack (1); Snow Pickets (5); 50 meter ropes (2); Mountain Locater Unit (1)
Emergency Contact Information: 911 (Cell phone reception is generally available on the south side of Mount Hood) Jurisdiction of:Clackamas County Sheriffs Dept. Ph# 503-655-8218. Local contact: Linda Bedard - Home 503-297-7103; Mobile 503-989-9417.
GPS Waypoints (Parking lot to summit via Pearly Gates) NAD27 83

HOOD01PARK, 10 T 601159 5020467, 5966 ft
HOOD02SILC, 10 T 601106 5022029, 6932 ft
Hood03Palm, 10 T 601424 5023583, 8540 ft
Hood04devk, 10 T 601873 5024807, 10219 ft
hood05gogsb, 10 T 601886 5024974, 10495 ft
Hood06hog2, 10 T 601934 5025034,
hoodsumit, 10 T 602117 5025264, 11233 ft

Friday 5/18
3:00 PM - Meet at the State Motor Pool Park & Ride 1100 Airport Rd.
11:00 pm – Wake up and meet in the basement of the lodge.
11:30 pm – Depart for Timberline Lodge parking lot.
Saturday, May 19
12:00 am – Assemble in the climber’s registration area, WyEast Day Lodge.
12:30 am – begin climbing. (6000 ft)
08:00 am – approximate arrival time at summit (11, 235 ft)
01:00 pm – arrive back at Timberline Lodge
05:00 pm - approximate return time in Salem