Mt Hood February 1, 2009 rescue

Scott Phillips and I headed up Mt Hood South Side on Sunday February 1st with Jess Palacios team . We parted ways between the Palmer and triangle Morraine (I headed down). When I got back to the Timberline parking lot I started to do homework for our April climb school by contacting the First Aid team in the Wy'East lodge. They gave me a helpful overview of how they might respond to any medical emergency that might occur during climb school. They also provided a direct-dial number of 503-231-7979 x 3305.
As I was leaving the lodge I ran into an AMR "Wilderness Reach & Treat" ambulance arriving with its lights on. I was taking pictures of them gearing up when they asked if I had been on the Mountain. They said a call had come in 10 minutes earlier regarding an injured climber just below the Hogsback. I said I was in radio contact with our team, who were just above the Hogsback ascending. I got Scott Phillips on the radio and asked if he could assist with the rescue. Scott descended to the injured climber and assisted by keeping radio contact and carrying gear as another party helped imobilize the injured climbers arm. This group mixed group then began slowly walking the injured climber down while I provided updates between the party and the sheriff. A snowcat brought paramedics up to the top of the Palmer where they treated the climber and they all (including Scott) descended in the Snow cat. PMR was contacted early in the rescue (they happened to be training at Mazama Lodge in government camp) and were on standby when it was clear the patient could be removed by snowcat. On site Search and Rescue communications were provided by the volunteer SAR Organization Mountain Wave Communications.

There was a nice message from the Sheriff on my home phone when I got back, thanking our team for help with the rescue. See account of this same incident on Jess Palacios blog
For additional information regarding what happens in a Mt Hood rescue see: