Silver Falls Trail Maintenance March 14, 2015

On a rainy Saturday, March 14, 2015 we had 13 brave volunteers participate in a Chemeketan Trail Maintenance project at Silver Falls State park.   We met Ranger Steve Hernandez at the Park headquarters building at 9 am and took a bumpy shuttle ride to the work site on the Perimeter Trail.

According to Ranger Steve our efforts helped "Re-established trail tread (inslope sloughing was very bad) on a very "hairy" portion of the Perimeter Trail.  Visitor and staff safety (quad operation) has greatly improved. This was the leaders 60th birthday, alternative trip title was "Its my party and I'll pry if I want to."    

Our mighty team:
  1. Mike Niemeyer
  2. Jackie Niemeyer
  3. Alicia Niemeyer
  4. Matt Niemeyer
  5. Katie Woodward
  6. Ryan Woodward
  7. Tim Novak
  8. Jim DaRoss
  9. Jim Todd
  10. Mark Penewit
  11. Nate Hartle
  12. Dorothy Brown-Kwaiser
  13. Guy Rodrique
  14. Ranger Steve Hernandez