2010 Chemeketan Climber Goals

I surveyed the Chemeketan Climbers group in December 2009 regarding our 2010 climbing goals and received 42 responses (5 active leaders, 2 non-active leaders, 2 provisional, 8 assistants, and 23 climbers.) Note that this obviously doesn't account for the interests of first year climbers - who we aren't able to survey. Here are the results:

This chart indicates the # of climbers who expressed an interest in a particular peak

In addition to the above list, the climbers also had an interest in the following:
1. Do one or two snow routes.
2. 6000-7000 M climb
3. Hard routes on Mt Hood and Mt Jefferson.
4. do more technical climbs in the north cascades.
6. Continue bagging Colorado Fourteeners and returning to climb in the North Cascades.
7. Big Walls, Solo or with partner.
8. Investigating new areas/mountains and introducing these areas to other climbers
9. North Sister, Baker

This chart represents the # of climb leaders or provisionals who were planning on leading a climb of each peak. As of this date looks like we will need more climbs on Rainier and Shasta to accommodate climber interest in those peaks.

This chart shows climber and climb goals for 2010 (Each climber indicated their 1st, 2nd & 3rd priority or goal. So, for example, 10 respondents listed "Hanging out with fun folks ..." as their #1 priority)

Do you have anything else you'd like to share with us as we plan 2010 climbs?
1. In order to better familiarize oneself with more of the items listed on climb assistant requirements more routes need to have some technical aspect, not just the walk-ups all the time. Rainier!
2. Lots of beginner climbs for the newbies. Was nice to have options this year.
3. More Rock days at Smith or closer locales.
4. Sunday only climbs at the closest mtns.
5. Some leaders need to lead more climbs (or maybe we should train more leaders) the calendar ought to be overwhelmingly full.
6. Don't shy away from climbs not on the 18 list for club climbs. If they are worth the scenery, fun, and different, I'd do them.
7. I feel that we need to offer a graduated snow skill builder set of climbs or practice days to keep newer climbers involved.
8. Rock skills build with Mike Rudy's intro to Smith and Scott Phillipp's Sport Climbing Classes.
9. Team building conditioning climbs, snowshoe, and ski trips would be fun !
10. I would like to see some weekday climbs if/when leaders are available on week days. Avoid the weekend crowds!
11. please recruit more hot chicks to climb school and beyond
12. I appreciate and enjoy the comradeship. Participants seem to help one another along with challenging themselves.
13. I always have great time, there is always a strong emphasis on safety and I enjoy group. Let's keep it up!
14. Overall I just have a goal to get out climbing whenever I can and to keep building on all the skills while enjoying doing it with great folks.
15. I would be interested in an aid climbing clinic.
16. I will likely offer leader training (all levels) through a "town meeting" format, and I'm willing to work with interested assistants and provisional leaders in skill building outings. ~John Petrie
17. It would be great to have more instructional opportunities for those who have done all the climb schools, ice schools, smith rox intros, etc. More stuff like the anchor building seminar at Climb School, maybe a club-sponsored avy class
18. I'd love to see some more structure surrounding the climb assistants, perhaps creating more of a glide path from assistant to provy leader
19. I like this survey.
20. Maybe ask if they are interested in single day climbs or multi-day climbs.

21 Get new climbers psyched for climbing. Improve quality of life for people in my portion of the planet.