Spring 2010 Cardio & Snow Skills Clinic

On Saturday April 24th and Saturday May 8th, 2010 I'll be coordinating a "Spring Cardio & Snow Skills Clinic" on Mt Hood. This is an opportunity for climbers of all levels to test and improve their fitness and add to their snow climbing skills. Depending on the group’s experience and the snow conditions these skills may include things like: use of the ice axe on steep snow; crampon technique; building and moving through snow anchors; Intro to snow pits (avalanche assessment); building a hypo-wrap (first aid); or z-pulley (rescue). Since this is a training exercise and we are not venturing too far off the Palmer snowfield this trip will still go in less than perfect weather. (I'll post a no-go notice to this website if weather is truly awful.)  Different skills will be covered each day and will depend on the interests of the group.

We will be getting into steep snow conditions for this outing.  Ice axe, harness, helmet and crampons (fitted to your boots ahead of time) are required.  I recommend that you pack as you would for a Mt Hood Climb.  this will be a good chance to test your gear and food/water options out.  See Gear List #4.  (Don't buy expensive gear. Borrow it where you can or rent from REI. )

7:00 am - We leave Salem airport road park and ride (1100 Airport Road Southeast Salem, OR 97301-6674 - See Map) at and head up to Timberline parking lot on Mt Hood.
9:30 am We will be parking in the “dirt” parking lot at Timberline Lodge where we will gear up for a typical alpine climb (ropes, pickets, etc) and head up 2,000 ft or so, where we will do our snow skills practice.
3:30 pm or so we get back to the parking lot.
4:30 pm or so we wrap up with “Talk and eat like a mountaineer” lab at the Huckleberry Inn in Government camp. Participants are graded on their ability to include the most climbing terms in one coherant sentence.  See Mountaineering terms dictionary at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glossary_of_climbing_terms
7 to 8 Pm Arrive back at the Salem Airport road park and ride lot.

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