Mt St Helens Worm Flows May 1-2, 2010

I'll be hanging out with Bryan Snapp  as he leads a Chemeketan Club climb of Mt St Helens May 1-2, 2010. For another example of this trip see my 2009 Mt St Helens Worm Flows Climb.

  1. Leader: Bryon Snapp (Provisional Leader)
  2. Assistants: David Braun (Assistant),
  3. Mike Niemeyer (Leader Assist)
  4. Thomas Davidson,
  5. Cathy Lazarus,
  6. Stephen Rockford
  7. Chuck Bennett,
  8. Josh Zielinski,
  9. Kattie Probst,
  10. Chad Mangers, 
Driving Directions: (From Salem) Drive north on Interstate 5 for 75 miles to Woodland,
Washington. Take exit 21 (WA-503 E) toward Woodland/Cougar and drive East on WA-
503 for 28 miles to the town of Cougar. At the town of Cougar, pick-up the required
climb permits at the Lone Fir Resort. After leaving the Lone Fir Resort, continue driving
NE on Lewis River Road (Road 90) for approximately 6.75 miles. Turn left onto Forest
Road 83. After 3-miles, the road will appear to split at a “Y” in the road. Continue to
the right on Forest Road 83 and proceed for another 3 miles to the Marble Mountain

Mt St Helens Weather:

Proposed Route: Worm Flows
Chemeketan Climb Classification: S1 (Snow / Level 1)
Top Elevation: 8,365 feet
Elevation Gain: ~ 5,600 feet
Distance: ~ 12 miles


 Saturday, May 1st
• 7:15 am – Meet at the Salem Motor Pool parking lot. Car-pooling is encouraged.
• 7:30 am – Depart the Salem Motor Pool parking lot for the Lone Fir Resort in
Cougar, Washington.
• 9:30 am – Meet at the Lone Fir Resort to pick-up the REQUIRED climb permits.
• 10:00 am – Depart the Lone Fir Resort as a caravan group and drive to the
Marble Mountain Sno-Park.
• 10:45 am – Arrive at the Marble Mountain Sno-Park.
• 11:15 am – Begin the hike to our base camp utilizing Swift Ski Trail #244. The
camp will be situated around the 4,000-foot level on snow. The decision to use
snowshoes will be made at the Marble Mountain Sno-Park.

Sunday, May 2nd
• 4:30 am – Wake up, eat breakfast in camp and prepare for the climb.
• 5:15 am – Leave camp and climb to the summit.
• 10:30 am – Arrive at the summit for pictures and an early lunch.
• 11:00 am – Depart the summit and return to camp. We will break down camp
and then return to the trailhead.

Emergency Contacts

• Skamania County Sheriff: (509) 427-9490
• Mt. St. Helen’s National Volcanic Monument Headquarters: (360) 449-7800
Special Note: Bryon will be carrying a SPOT II Emergency Beacon on this trip.

Track teams progess in real time here.