Chemeketan Climb School 2010 Schedule

The classroom sessions of the Chemeketan climb school will begin at 5:30pm Wednesday evening, March 31.  Registration will occur from 5:30pm until 6:00pm, at which point we'll begin the instructional portion. Both classroom sessions will be held at the clubroom, the Chemekeden, at 360½ State St., upstairs above Cooke's Stationery in downtown Salem. The tentative classroom schedule is given below:

Wed. 3/31
5:30 PM - student registration (Amy, Tim, Robyn)
6:00 PM - introduction and school context (Bill)
6:20 PM - terminology, demonstrations, pictures (Jess, Mike N)
7:15 PM - break
7:30 PM - pod break-out/knot practice (pod leaders)
8:00 PM - packing for one day climb (Jerry, Bryon)
8:45 PM - logistics and equipment review (Scott, Mike R, Jess)
9:15 PM - dismissal

Wed. 4/7
5:30 PM - gear swap, equipment distribution (Jess)
6:15 PM - reset den for class
6:30 PM - personal risk factors (Jerry, Mike N)
7:00 PM - climb fitness & nutrition (Amy, Cynde)
7:45 PM - field session logistics review (Mike R, Scott)
8:00 PM - pod break-out/prusiks, harness, knots (pod leaders)
9:15 PM - dismissal

Saturday Rock Session Schedule for Horsethief Butte April 10
Sunday Snow Session Schedule for Mt Hood April 11

Directions to Horsethief Butte from the Portland area
* east on I-84 to exit 87 (the Dalles and US197)
* north ~ 3 miles on US197 across the Columbia River bridge until it tees into SR14
* east ~ 4 miles on SR14
It's about 2 - 1/2 hours from Salem. Click the link  to see the parking area along the road.

NOAA weather link for Horsethief Buttes:
NOAA weather link for Timberline Lodge/Mt Hood:

For additional details see the Chemeketan website at: