Wilderness EMT/ Medical Person in Charge Program

I completed the Wilderness EMT/ Medical Person in Charge Program on February 19, 2010. 

Suturing Lab - injecting lidocane

Lake Diablo at Sunset
Mass casuality scenario
Diablo Lake
North Cascades Learning Center
Mass Casuality Scenario (Mark, Rick, Conner, Mike, Eric).
Dam entrance lights
Burn lab
More suturing..
Gamow Bag (Simulates descent for patients at altitude) I tried it out...
Bag fully inflated...not recommended for the claustrophobic (no exit or zipper on the inside) but then you'd generally be very sick (with HACE or HAPE) if you were in one of these on the mountain.
 Evacuating "patient" via truck
Intellectually interesting womens EMT group
Cooper, Cory, James, and ??
Pyramid Peak
EMT Students teach you all about Ectopic pregnancy (Video).

Statman (Our medical manequin) is Busted!

Suctioning statman after his big night out.
Cory in the Rescue rig
The local rescue rig
Incident Command
IV Lab
More IV Lab
Car extraction
The Dinning Hall - Great View