Wilderness First Aid, Silver Falls State Park, May 14-15, 2011

We had a successful first Chemeketan Wilderness First Aid training on May 14 and 15th, 2011 at Silver Falls State Park. The course ran 8 am to 7 pm on Saturday and 8 am to 5 pm on a rainy Sunday. Thank you to the Instructors, coaches, volunteer victims and energetic and and occassionally traumatized students. (See above.)
Trainers, Coaches and Victims
  1. Mike Niemeyer, Wilderness EMT
  2. Dorothy Brown Kwaiser WFR (WEMT-near completion)
  3. Dr Dan Sewell, MD
  4. Dr Mike Gabe, MD
  5. Jackie Niemeyer, RN
  6. Mike Rudy, RN ICU
  7. Terry Walstrom (Firefighter, First responder)
  8. Josh Behrens (EMT in progress)
  9. Sarah Van Woy (EMT)
  10. Greg Vanderwall (EMT)
  11. Jason Wagoner(Park Ranger)
  12. Carl Shepherd (Park Ranger)
  13. Carol Vanderwall (Teacher)
  14. Vicki Sink (Park Ranger)
Students Completing the Course
  1. Joanne DeMay
  2. Cathy Lazarus
  3. Aislinn Adams
  4. Sue Nelson
  5. Scott Kelley
  6. Brian Kier
  7. Rod Graves
  8. Jack Myrtue
  9. Brad Dougherty
  10. Courtney R. Carlson
  11. Chonteh Rivertree
  12. Jate Rademaker
  13. Megan Beriault
  14. Petra Berger
  15. Scott Renfro

1. Must be 18 years of age or older
2. Must have the ability to lift 40 lbs
3. Must have current CPR certification
4. Course Text book: Mountaineering First Aid: A Guide to Accident Response and First Aid Care, Jan D. Carline. Mountaineers. This text is available at Powells for as low as $7.95 and at Amazon for $10.17 (less if you get it as an ebook). This text is focused on mountain first aid and evacuation and is about the right depth for a weekend course. Students will be expected to read the text prior to the first class. (See below for additional reading recommendations)
Course Wilderness First Aid Report form and Checklist

Reference Books

Additional reading/links
  1. Wilderness First Aid - legal issues
  2. Mazama Rope Litter
  3. Hypothermia Guidelines - Alaska (This is an advanced protocol for EMS folks but provides a detailed discussion of cold injuries.)