Team 18 WFA (May 30-31, 2015)

Wilderness First Aid Course Description - The course will cover first aid skills and decision-making using realistic emergency medical scenarios as might be encountered on a climbing, hiking or backpacking trip in the Cascades.  This will be a fun, intense, hands-on course using  outdoor scenarios in dark, cold, wet conditions.  This interactive, outdoor class is the place to "Take chances, make mistakes and get messy"(Ms. Frizzle) so you can be prepared and confident in aiding injured people you might encounter in remote settings. Participants will receive a wilderness first aid course completion certificate upon successful course completion.     

Venue - Camp Tolaoli

Schedule - We begin promptly at 8 AM on Saturday and have an evening scenario after the dinner break Saturday. Sunday we go from 8 am to 5 pm.

Student Prerequisites and Preparation
  • Must have the ability to lift 40 lbs to participate fully in scenarios (persons with back or other medical issues have the option to sit out patient transportation exercises)
  • Current CPR certification recommended.
  • Students must read and sign a class agreement and release form at the first class or during the registration process.
  • Students will need a watch that displays seconds and a headlamp.
  • Bring a day pack or backpack that can get knocked around a bit – with supplies you’d typically bring on an outing. 
  • Bring an extra thrift-store quality shirt and pants/sweat pants – should you volunteer to be a patient in a scenario. A small foam pad is optional - something for you to sit or kneel on when you are outside assisting a patient.
  • Wear/bring warm clothes and a waterproof shell layer or rain pants/coat appropriate for the weather for this weekend.
  • Bring a towel or rags to dry off as we come in from outside scenarios.
Course reading:  Students receive a copy of the course text as part of the course fee (Text will be provided to you - don't purchase this on your own.) This is a highly interactive course that will have students diving into things right away.  To get the most out of it students will need to have read the course text (AAOS Wilderness First Aid, 4th edition) prior to the first day of class.

Course Outline and Chapter Reading Assignments:
Welcome and Introductions, General Scenario instructions, quiz
Introduction to Wilderness First Aid (Chapter 1):
• What Is Wilderness?
• What Is Wilderness First Aid?
• Legal and Ethical Issues
• Psychological and Emotional Issues
• Infectious Disease Precautions
Action in an emergency
Action at an Emergency (Chapter 2):
• Mechanisms of Injury
• Moving a Victim
• Extrication From Difficult Locations
• Seeking Help
• Guidelines for Evacuation


Victim Assessment and Urgent Care (Chapter 3):
• Assessment
• Scene Survey
• Initial Assessment
• Victim’s History
• Vital Signs and Physical Exam
• Ongoing Assessment

Lunch Break

Bleeding & wounds
Care of Bleeding, Wounds, and Burns (Chapter 4):
• Bleeding
• Wounds
• Burns


Dressings & Bandages
Dressings and Bandages  (Chapter 5):
• Dressings
• Bandages
• Applying and Removing a Dressing
• Bandaging Techniques


Bone & Joint
Bone, Joint, and Muscle Injuries (Chapter 7):
• Bone Injuries
Bone & Joint
Bone, Joint, and Muscle Injuries (Chapter 7):
• joint Injuries & Scenario

SUNDAY (Day 2)

Review/Introduce todays activities
Muscle Injuries
Bone, Joint, and Muscle Injuries (Chapter 7):
• Muscle Injuries


Environmental Illness Part 1
Physical and Environmental Hazards (Chapter 15):
• Acute Mountain Sickness, HAPE, and HACE
• Cold Injury

lunch break

Environmental Illness Part 2
Physical and Environmental Hazards (Chapter 15):
• Heat Illness
• Lightning Injury


Plants & Toxins
Poisons, Toxins, and Poisonous Plants (Chapter 16):
• Toxic Plants and Poisons
• Plant-Induced Dermatitis
Animal Bites
Animal Bites, Human Bites, and Snake Bites (Chapter 17):
• Animal Bites
• Snake Bites
Insect bites
Insect and Arthropod Bites and Stings (Chapter 18):
• Spider Bites
• Scorpion Stings
• Tick Bites
• Mosquito Bites
• Insect Stings
• Insect Repellents

WFA Rodeo
App E
Rescue Operations
Pt Care Repoting & Communications

Final Written Exam
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